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Can I visit my grandchild after he/she has been adopted?

Adoption proceedings are among the most emotional times in the lives of everyone involved. It is often a difficult decision as to whether to place a baby up for adoption by the biological mother. As a grandparent, you may wish to be more involved in the child’s life, but unable to personally adopt your grandchild.

Everyone’s circumstances vary when it comes to the dynamics of raising a child and the ability or inability to do so. Regardless, as a grandparent you need to know what you are and are not legally entitled to when it comes to visitation of your biologically adopted grandchild.

Oklahoma & Visitation rights

Oklahoma family law generally disallows the opportunity for grandparents to legally visit their biological grandchild once adopted by their new parents. Adoption of the grandchild offers full rights to the new parents and not the former parents or relatives of the child. However, there are some exceptions to the rule.

Exception made

Adoption of the grandchild may sever the legal rights of the previous bloodline but depending on the circumstances you may be able to continue to see your grandchild after he or she has been adopted. In an Oklahoma family court, you would need to prove to the judge that your visitation rights are in the best interest of the child. The judge is more likely to honor your petition when a previous relationship was established with your grandchild prior to his or her adoption.

Ultimately, family law is obligated to view each case involving a child with their highest interests in mind. What is deemed best for the child in his or her upbringing and emotional well-being is valued above all else. When you approach the situation, you begin to see how your life and involvement would best suit the situation long-term. A reputable family law attorney is crucial to representing your request before the court and helping you on this journey of transition.

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