Understanding Probate Can Be Difficult When A Loved One Passes

It can be an overwhelming time when a loved one dies. Family members are grieving and sometimes conflicts arise around who gets the house, car, jewelry and other personal property left behind by their family member. Many people do not understand the significance of probate court and may avoid it altogether thinking it does not apply to their family because their loved one may not have much property to speak of.

The legal process of transferring your "wealth," that is, your real and personal property, to your legitimate heirs upon your death is completed during the probate process. Some people have a will or a trust to give specific instructions, others do not.

The probate of an estate transfers title to property, determines tax liabilities, settles legitimate debts and extinguishes others, and distributes the property of the estate to the successors. At Pool Law P.C., we can help your family with our comprehensive probate representation. Attorney Lance A. Pool has over 42 years of experience handling complicated probate matters. He can help minimize the stress and confusion to you and your family. Call 918-796-5792 for a consultation to ensure a secure and smooth transfer of your wealth to your loved ones after you are gone.

Probate Court Also Oversees Guardianships For Minors Or Incapacitated Adults

Providing the proper care for a minor child or an adult who is unable to care for themselves is a difficult, loving choice family members willingly make. A legal guardianship may be necessary when a parent is deemed unfit or is unwilling to take care of their minor child or when children with special needs become adults and cannot care for themselves. The responsibility will fall on a family member — often times a grandparent — to step in and provide the care and nurturing required.

Other times, families may be faced with a family member suddenly becoming disabled in a catastrophic accident or find that their aging parent can no longer care for themselves and make sound decisions on their own. Their family member or parent may not have a power of attorney or advance health care directive appointing an agent to act on their behalf.

In these circumstances, the Oklahoma probate court can appoint a guardian of the minor or a guardian of the incapacitated adult to ensure the proper care is rendered. Guardianships can be complex, even if there is an amicable agreement between parties. At Pool Law P.C., we can help you with the process of filing for a guardianship and help you understand your rights and responsibilities as a legal guardian. We will help you get the legal power you require to make important decisions that come along with child-rearing or caring for an adult with special needs or your aging parent.

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