Paternity Rights, Prenuptial Agreements, Adoptions And Other Family Law Matters

Family court is not just about resolving conflicts between family members. It is also where families grow. Sometimes families need help with matters such as adoptions, prenuptial agreements and paternity rights that can get complicated without the help of a lawyer.

At Pool Law P.C., attorney Lance A. Pool has over 42 years of experience as a successful negotiator and civil trial lawyer, helping families to expedite the legal process and ensure a smooth transition into their new chapter of life together. Our firm assists grandparents understand their rights to their grandchildren. We also handle guardianships of minors or adults that are filed in probate court.

On the other hand, Lance understands how family dynamics can unravel without the voice of experience guiding them to resolve matters such as divorce, including common-law divorce, child custody, child support, protective orders or grandparents' rights. These matters often need an experienced family law attorney to get individuals to communicate in the best interest of all concerned.

Lance provides personalized attention each step of the way, from beginning to end of your case. To get started, call his office in Tulsa at 918-796-5792.

Establishing Your Legal Rights As A Parent

When a child is born to unmarried parents and they are not in agreement about the terms of raising their child, establishing paternity may be in the best interest of the child. Establishing paternity in Oklahoma is accomplished in several ways. If the father's name is not on the child's birth certificate, both parents may sign an affidavit acknowledging paternity. If both parents do not sign the form, or there are other disagreements, the father of the child can pursue paternity in court with a court order. Paternity can be a complex matter without the help of a knowledgeable family law attorney.

Establishing legal paternity will be necessary if a mother of a child is not married to the father, and wants to collect child support for her child. However, if it there is a history of domestic violence, it may not be in the child's best interest to establish paternity. Once paternity is determined, your legal rights and responsibilities as a biological parent can be explored in support of a healthy parent-child relationship, including child custody, visitation and support.

Protect Your Future With A Prenuptial Agreement

If you are getting married soon, it is important to take the right precautions for your future. No one can see a divorce coming but the statistics remains that about 50 percent of all marriages will end in divorce. You can minimize future conflict by creating a prenuptial agreement to address the distribution of marital property in the event of divorce, separation or death.

The prenuptial agreement can include a complete inventory of separate and marital real and personal property, debts and loans, life insurance policies, retirement accounts and other important matters. Our firm can help you ensure the agreement is a fair one and becomes an enforceable contract when the time comes. Prenuptial agreements and postnuptial agreements are not permitted to include limits or instructions about child custody, visitation or child support.

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Contact A Family Law Attorney With An Understanding Of Diverse Court Systems

At Pool Law P.C., our team provides comprehensive assistance and legal guidance to help you make the best decisions and set your expectations in family court. Lance has extensive experience working with Cherokee, Creek, Osage, Choctaw, Seminole and Chickasaw families whose legal issues are subject to their specific tribe's courts for divorce, visitation, child support and other family law-related matters. Contact the firm by calling 918-796-5792 or completing the online form.